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The CN8911B is a 4-channel PMU that includes two wide input, high efficiency synchronous buck converters, one low startup, high efficiency high voltage and high current output boost converter and a high accuracy super-capacitor charger. A HV buck outputs fixed-3.3V/500mA as the other HV buck could generate an adjustable output voltage by setting external resistor divider. The boost converter could provide up to 12V/300mA output from super capacitor or other backup power supply at 2.5V. Boost output is internally fixed 12V with saving external resistors. CN8911B also integrates a linear supercapacitor charger with a high accuracy CV voltage. When the supply power down detected from DET pin, boost will startup and provide backup 12V voltage. And a PD index signal will output.



4 in 1 PMU, 2-Bucks, 1-Boost, 1-SuperCap Charger

1-Channel Fixed-3.3V/500mA Output HV Buck

1-Channel Adjustable Output HV Buck

1-Channel 12V/300mA Output Boost at 2.5V Input

Linear Charger for Super Capacitor with 60mA Current

High Efficiency Pulse Skip Mode at Light Load

Power Down Detection and Index

Auto-alternated Boost Mode and Charger Mode

Hic-cup Mode OCP protections

Thermal Shutdown